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What is Penpot?

Penpot is the first open-source design & prototyping tool for product teams, that allows full collaboration between designers and developers thanks to features such as Flex Layout and Code Inspect.

Professional UI for the whole team

Design systems, components, interactive prototypes, feedback loop and pixel perfect designs come together in an extremely intuitive and powerful web user interface that opens up the design process to all stakeholders.

Designer & Developer collaboration for real

Penpot brings both code-ready design capabilities and the familiarity of developer tools to a new workspace flow.

Open Standards that deliver future-proof ownership of your designs

Penpot supports unconditionally open standards for all your design work. Our SVG and web standards approach means zero vendor lock-in and extreme interoperability. Penpot delivers Freedom to Product teams.

Penpot is free

Both Cloud and self-host services are free. Penpot projects can be moved around easily across all Penpot deployment flavors so you’re free to change your mind at any time!

SudoVanilla or this website is not associated with Penpot or Kaleidos.

What is Penpot Desktop?

Penpot Desktop delivers a desktop-like experience for Penpot users with the additional of integrating tabs to conveniently traverse back and forth between projects. Offline support is available through the select your own instance option in settings, as well as the theme settings that may be applied to either the entire desktop app or simply the Penpot dashboard.

Offline Use

One of the major features of Penpot Desktop, is that it can be used offline if you selfhost Penpot on your own machine. You could also connect Penpot Desktop to our own Penpot instance running on your own server. This is thanks to Penpot allowing you to use technology such as Docker to selfhost your own instance.

Open Source Proudly built with open source technology and libraries. Thanks to Electron, it’s cross-platform allowing it to work on operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Anyone willing to help with Penpot Desktop are welcomed to contribute to it’s source code on SudoVanilla Code.