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Q: Is this official software?

A: No, Penpot Desktop is an Electron-based application developed by SudoVanilla. If the project was official, it would be sitting on Penpot’s GitHub, not SudoVanilla Code.

Q: Does Penpot Desktop support offline use? If so, how do I use it offline?

A: Penpot Desktop does support offline usage, you can do this by hosting Penpot on your own machine or in a local server within your home. To learn how to host Penpot yourself, please view their official guide. Try installing with Docker or your preferrable method.

To switch Penpot Desktop to your self-hosted Penpot, click on the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner, then your Instance options, please put in where your self-hosted Penpot is. You should be able to use a local IP address, as long as you on are on the same network, an example looks like ““. If you used your own machine, where you’ll also be using Penpot Desktop, then using “http://localhost:9001” should work, even without internet enabled.

Q: There’s an issue with the app, where do I get help?

A: Please view the support section of the README file. Email support is recommended for a faster response.

Q: What operating system does this support?

A: View System Requirements.\

Q: If an update is available, how do I get it?

A: This is done automatically on Windows and Linux, with auto update builtin from Electron Builder. We recommend that you wait at the least 1 - 2 minutes for the update to download, or depending on your internet. This usually take about 10 - 30 seconds for decent internet(200mbps).

On macOS, however, each update must be installed manually by the user themself. No, you are not required to do this on a regular basis; nevertheless, updating Penpot Desktop is recommended if you want the most up-to-date version in general. It’s difficult to support macOS for auto updating at the time being. (In newer version from v0.2.3 and newer, auto update will be supported.)