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Getting Started



Zorn is currently in beta stages. Not everything listed below, as in it’s feature set, is not not done or hasn’t been worked on yet.


Zorn is a customizable HTML5 video player. The player is originally built for a SudoVanilla project called MinPluto, a privacy frontend for YouTube.

What is a HTML5 Video Player?

HTML5 introduced the video player element in the late 2010s, which is embeded as <video>. It was intended by the creators of it to be the new standard to show video content on the web, instead of Adobe Flash which reached end-of-life in 2020. So, as of 2020, the HTML5 video is the only widely supported video playerback technology for modern browsers, with the Flash plugin being phased out.

You can see this in your browser as the built-in video player by viewing this video or viewing in it’s own tab.

Why not use the built-in player?

While you can build website or a video platform and having your visitors rely on their web browser’s built-in video player, it can be quite limited if you want or your visitors want certain features. Features such as quality selector, subtitles, seek, and more. The built-in player does not, usually, include those. Another reason is why a company or a project may want to use a custom player such as Zorn is to have a curated player for their website that fits the style and needs.