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MinPluto is a modern privacy frontend for YouTube giving you total anonymity. It provides additional features such an account system with an anomyous option, no annoying ads, multilingual support, custom video player, and additional customization.

MinPluto is currently in early alpha stages, so a lot of features that were mentioned above may not be present in the current product.


Can I use MinPluto on this device?

For devices with a web browser built-in, MinPluto will run in it. However, MinPluto does not have a dedicated app for devices like Roku, Amazon Firestick, Google TV, and any other Smart TV device along with gaming consoles.

For mobile users, you can install MinPluto from your browser as an app, if the browser has that option.

Will there be a Android/iOS app?

For now, MinPluto is planned to be only a web application that can be accessed via a web browser. There are currently no plans to build a mobile application.

Can I create an account?

MinPluto is currently in an early alpha stage, which does not yet have an account system for you to use. There are plans to add one which will also will include an anomyous mode for privacy-focused users.

What data does MinPluto collect?

MinPluto by itself does not collect any data about you or any other user.

However, please keep in mind that on other MinPluto instances, the instance operator can log your IP address like any other server could.

What is a YouTube frontend?

A frontend is it’s own UI and service that serves data from another platform such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Why use a different frontend and not use the real thing?

There are multiple reasons to use a frontend like MinPluto. Reasons such as like privacy, to avoid being tracked from invasive companies; speed, to avoid the bloated pages that these platforms have…frontends are commonly lightweight; and another reason is maybe to avoid ads, all frontends don’t serve ads like these platforms do.