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Init Privacy

Init Privacy

Your data is your business

User Freedom

Switching to free and open source solutions means better security and privacy. These options are more transparent, can be contributed to by the community and developers, and be audited by third-parties. Proprietary options are closed source and we don't know how they work.

Taking Back Control

There is a lot of distrust in big tech because of the amount of power we've let these big companies accumlate. Your data is up for grab and being sold to advertisers, it's time to stop this.

Campaigns and Websites

You can view other websites besides from SudoVanilla to view other options on protecting yourself online and choosing what software to use. There are many websites that do this and do resesarch on options for you like Offshore.CAT, Privacy Guides, and more. There are also campaigns for the open source community from Free Software Foundation.