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Desktop Development Stops


Hey everyone! I hope the major update went smooth with the transition over to the new .org domain, some things are now settling down.

I’ve got some bads news about certain decisions being made. Starting today, all desktop development by SudoVanilla will stop, meaning that both Penpot Desktop and Nexus Polestar will be discontinued until further notice.

Sorry, but I do not have the time and effort to continue such projects, as I’m not a fan of dealing with other operating systems and attempting to keep support available for these other platforms, I’m a Linux user and I’ll only touch Linux from this point on. After all, with how horrible Microsoft Windows has become these days, I no longer want to be near it, I’ve even considered deleting my entire Microsoft account, which I kinda still need to play Minecraft with a premium account.

About Penpot Desktop

Penpot Desktop has been one of my most recognized projects of all time, even making it’s way on Penpot’s official website(as an unofficial app at least), and as for the Penpot team, they gone as far as generously sponsoring the project.

So, while I’m moving away from desktop development, we(Penpot and I) don’t really want to see the Penpot Desktop project get abandon. The Penpot team has reached out to me to thank me for my work and they will be initiating a call for projects for other community members to inherit my work so far and evolve it their way.

Thank you everyone!